Golden-Coast Sounds

Almost a year to the day after the Mother Hips played the final show before their impending hiatus, Hips fans were treated to a cinematic retrospective chronicling the history of the band that has become a legend along the Golden Coast over the past 13 years. Stories We Could Tell, created by Patrick Murphree of PackBlack Films, premiered to a sold-out crowd at the 2004 Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco's Mission District. Fans old and new lined up outside the cozy ATA (Artists Television Access) Theater on Valencia Street well before the screening time---some even before 5 p.m.---to ensure entry into the venue. In attendance were the filmmaker, many of the stars of the documentary, friends and family of the filmmaker and of course dozens of fans. With Sierra Nevada Pales imported into the theater and greetings exchanged by old friends from the Hips scene, the screening had all the energy and camaraderie of a Hips show.

After a welcome and introductory comments from the filmmaker, the film started rolling, and the excitement was palpable as live footage from the 2002 Holiday shows at San Francisco's legendary Great American Music Hall filled the screen and sound system (anyone who was at those GAMH shows can attest to the energy of the evening). Loud cheers streamed forth as a complete rendition of Grizzly Bear warmed up the crowd for an in-depth look at the history of the Mother Hips, as told by fans, friends of the band, road crew, record label execs, and various other members of the Mother Hips community. A 10-minute intermission punctuated the screening, allowing viewers to replenish their beer supply, make pit stops and chat with other fans. At the conclusion of the film, Murphree thanked everyone for coming and fielded questions from the audience, and graciously accepted (well-deserved) congratulatory wishes from the audience. With Stories We Could Tell, Murphree has woven a colorful tapestry documenting the history of the Mother Hips, and in doing so, has further bolstered the excitement for the upcoming Hips shows in San Diego and San Francisco.

~ CS, San Francisco, Ca, March 2004

Hip Heads-- Collin, Suzanne, Jeff, Abob "Cosmo" and relative pre-show warmup

Panchos and Parkas. Waiting in line. "Movie stars" -- J.Q., Kattleman, Kempton

Derry and Caroylyn Hank Ten and el director, PackM enjoy some
Tapas before the screening

Paul and Ken arrive for the screening Jordy and friend

JM and Sue Chico style

PackM watches the crowd filter in Hank Ten and Dave Schwartz, intermission

Post screening congrats Movie cover art

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