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  Greg Loicaono of Sensations. Photo courtesy of

Stoked up on SENSATIONS
September 09, 2005


Last night at Café Du Nord Greg Loiacono and his rock band SENSATIONS tore through an hour of thoroughly enjoyable, thoroughly unique rock songs. They were sandwiched nicely between The  Moore Brothers and David Immergluck's Monks of Doom slot. Greg's band, SENSATIONS has been on the scene a couple years now, but are now really hitting their stride. While Greg sings and plays guitar, the wonderful, Paul Hoaglin provides the bass lines and of course lends his magical vocals, while Todd Roper creates a near cinematic feel on his drums with his nuanced soft playing, which can turn powerful in one quick flourish. With their vast experience in music as individuals, yet their chemistry as a band, they are nimble and light yet full and heavy. And while Greg's 2003 EP,Purgatory, is more stoney and meandering, the SENSATIONS unit  is focussed, polished and rock and much more  accessible to the casual listener.

Paul Hoaglin on one of his three bass guitars of the night

Last night's set was a nice smattering of their tunes  from their forthcoming album, which  will be out in October. The songs are all fantastic in nature -- tales of ghosts, incredible and brave men, seaward sons and wayward sailors. They opened their short set with Seaward Son and ripped through songs like Incredible Man, He's Brave, This All According to You, a new surf-y song, and closed it out with This Could Be Your Night (rock version). On this final tune, Greg  broke a string on his tele, so he switched guitars, and went on to tune up his new guitar during the song while Paul and Todd patiently held the it together. Once tuned with new guitar he cranked it up for a loud, macho solo flurry that ended the set. The dance floor was filled with old time friends of Greg and the Hips and new fans alike. After their set, the band grabbed their gear and disappeared off the stage as quickly as they had appeared. We heartily look forward to their debut record this Fall.

Greg Loiacono talks with a fan after the show

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