The Mother Hips '98 Year in Review

1998 was a really big year for the Mother Hips. This past year saw the release of their fourth album, Later Days, as well as the birth of the band in cyberspace with sites like this one, as well as their official web site,, and the ever-lively These new electronic forumns provided fans from all over the country and world, a spot to check in and keep up-to-date on Hips haps.

In 1998, the Hips continued spreading their Golden Coast sound by playing shows near and far. According to Tim Bluhm, the band logged just under 200 shows in 1998. A pretty good amount by anyone's standards. According to guitarist Greg Loiacano, a show in Austin Texas at Stubb's BBQ (which was simulcasted, live, over the internet) and a Halloween gig at Sweetwater were a couple of his personal high-lights. The band also logged a cross-country, summer tour with the band, Huffamoose. As a result of their near incessant touring, their live performances have never been better. Songs like, "Gold Plated", "Third Floor Story", "Tired Wings", "Spotless as You", "Esmerelda", and "Later Days" jump out as the Hips sound for '98. As always the sound is evolving and we can only guess where it might go in '99.

In 1998, the Hips also appeared on KFOG's Local Anaesthetic, playing three original tracks to a delighted Bay Area radio audience.

Their 5thAnnual Holiday Bash at the Great American Music Hall was a super party, selling out the infamous Hall. New Year's eve, the Hips opened for their own musical heros and comrades, WILCO, at the Fillmore.


"We still have that neighborhood, backyard party band sound. But at the same time the music sounds really good. It sounds like a famous band." -Tim Bluhm