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Written by:  Patrick Murphree

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Southern California's Convoy
Steamrolls NYC

All the way from Southern California, an unstoppable Convoy came barrelling pedal-to-the-metal into a frozen New York City on Monday January 24th, floored the crowd, and heated things up inside the Mercury Lounge.

It sure has been a cold cold winter here in the Big Apple, and I'm not saying that just because I'm a California native. Try running around on the streets hanging posters as part of the Ground Force when the thermometer outside your door reads 11 degrees. Your face gets purple and starts to look like rubber. But damn it's worth it when the band shows up and just blows the roof off the place and burns the house down with their explosive energy on stage.

Convoy rocks! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Convoy Rocks! And what a bunch of nice, fun loving, and classy guys to boot!

"We're having a great time here on the East Coast," Jason says as he tunes his guitar after the first song. How does a guitar go out of tune after one song you ask? Well if you have to ask, then you haven't seen Jason on stage. The guy is posessed, straight crazies, born to be a rockstar, the real thing.

It is Brian's mellow vibe on the left, and Robbie's stone cool on the right that keep Jason's frenetic, hurricane energy contained toward the center of the stage and keep the crowd's attention focused through the first few. Then, midset, Jason takes a seat at the Fender pianar on the left and Brian takes center stage for a couple numbers. The songs are all well rehearsed and flow without a hitch although still not too polished, just natural, the way they feel like they should be. A lot of the songs are off of the Pineapple Recording Sessions C&D which they announce that they have with them. Other songs are new like the familiarly catchy tune "Anytime She Wants It."

The set is short and sweet and the crowd is left wanting more. The band hangs out after the show and mixes with a group of hot young chickies out at the bar. The boys look poised to score. "This is New York City," says Jason, "you gotta step it up a bit."

"We went to the top of the World Trade Center," says Robbie. "We rode the subway and we rode in a limosine. I prefer the limosine."

Well I would not be surprised if these guys wind up riding in a lot more limosines in their time. There were definitely some industry people at this show and the future looks hot for Convoy, even if they did get snowed in Tuesday morning.

For more information, be sure to check out Convoy's great web site at,

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